Siri Singh Sahib Ji’s Home (Main House)

Siri Singh Sahib Ji’s Home is the anchor for Dashmesh Sadan.  Here is where he stayed and his room is still maintained. In the Gurdwara Prakash and Sukhasan for the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is performed everyday by the staff approximately 5:00 – 6 a.m. and 7 – 7:30   p.m. (varies with the seasons and sunset) respectively. The entry is from the back patio. The vibration is maintained and the same care is given at the Main House as was given to that consciousness of the Teacher the Siri Singh Sahib embodied when on the physical plane. From the Gurdwara and the training given here, this vibration is extended to the entire facility.

Course participants are welcome to visit the Main House and staff will accommodate your request with a short tour when possible.  The first floor is accessible and the second floor is maintained as private quarters for the staff. One of his favorite things to do was sit at the big front entry doors of the house and look across the village fields and town to Takhat Keshgarh Sahib.  This view is divine!  Today beautiful gardens extend from this front entrance majestically pointing to the very site where Khalsa was born.


Welcome to Dashmesh Sadan, Siri Singh Sahib Ji’s Home in Anandpur Sahib. Here at beautiful Dashmesh Sadan, we have two Nivas’s to accommodate up to 66 course participants:

Akal Towers

The Akal Towers overlook Village Bani’s vibrant green countryside. The 2 Towers each have 3 rooms; one room per floor totaling 6 rooms.
Each room can accommodate 3 – 5 people. These were the first buildings to be built on Siri Singh Sahib Ji’s property and are conveniently located close to the hub of activity with the Dashmesh Sadan staff.  All rooms are spacious with many windows that look out on the beautiful surrounding farmlands on one side and Dashmesh Sadan’s elegant gardens on the other.  There is one circular room per floor, tastefully coordinated. Each bathroom has hot water geysers and 2 toilets – one western style and one Indian style.

Adi Shakti Guest House
img_20160924_142507_1Amongst the gardens at the top of the property overlooking the countryside, the Adi Shakti Guest House has 9 deluxe rooms that can accommodate up to 3 – 4 people per room. Each well kept room has its own western style spacious bathroom and bathtub with hot water geyser. The rooms are cared for with attention to detail, cleanliness and décor and each room has a fan and may be provided with air conditioning or heaters upon request.

Fresh linens are replaced weekly, and towels twice a week.  All room accommodations are with complete linen – bedding / towel conveniences. There is daily room care cleaning unless you would like to do this seva yourself.  (Let us know.)  Please keep all neat and tidy during your stay to maintain the high vibration of Dashmesh Sadan.

Group Spaces

On the upper floor of the Guest House there is a central Yoga/Meditation Room for classes and courses, a Business Center (office) and small facility kitchen across from beautiful grass roofed dining gazebos. Wi-Fi internet access is available most of the time in the perimeter of the Main House patios except when electricity is off and during the occasional equipment ‘blips.’  Course participants are welcome to sit in the patio area for access.  During courses we can arrange for phone and computer services for course participants at the business center upon request.


IMG_4552Currently with the extensive gardens at Dashmesh Sadan we are able to make a mini-nursery and share our plantings with Gurdwaras, schools, and other non-profit endeavors during certain seasons.  We try to stay as organic as possible and raise our plants with love and in consciousness.  Many of the Gurus in the Sikh tradition maintained gardens or were farmers themselves.  Many of our staff have their own farmland on which they also maintain and grow crops and have animals.  There are different times of the year when the harvest is particularly dependent on favorable weather and we jointly are looking for the weather of the day to know how all will be affected.

We have a year round organic vegetable garden and fruit trees.  We also have worm compost that supports all the greenery here that is lovingly attended and thrives from our kitchen scraps and manure from a neighbor’s farm. The grassy tiers of the property are a perfect place to take your mat for a yoga practice, reading, writing, or a nap.

The property is about 4 acres and has a lovely walkway, benches, stairways, and many paths for exercise and meditative practice.  Please be aware of others, and staff needs when strolling.  Enjoy the special vibration here in the Home of the Khalsa.


Much of our food & dairy is provided from our organic gardens, and neighboring farms or local produce.  During courses our kitchen and dining hall team are here.  They consistently cook and serve tasty vegetarian foods.  The tandoori oven-cooked paranthe made in our outside kitchen are a particular hit!